Does It Match the Sofa?

Denise Elliott Jones, a contemporary abstract artist from Austin, Texas, is presenting her exhibit, “Does It Match the Sofa,” at the Dougherty Arts Center in Austin, February 16 through March 17, 2019.

The exhibit will address visual perceptions and preferences regarding whether artwork does or does not match the sofa. It takes a humorous look at how artist, collector, interior designer, and art lover alike can enjoy both art and sofa side by side.

The exhibit will have several painted sofas and lounge chairs displayed against the wall to create an installation similar to several living room areas. Behind the painted sofas or chairs will be abstract paintings, mix media work, and framed hand-pulled prints.

The painted furniture and the associated abstract artwork will have a similar look, feel, and design. One will visually flow into the other. The sofa or lounge chair will become art in itself, and will complement the art displayed above.

In walking distance from many SXSW venues, visitors to the DAC are encouraged to sit and enjoy each sofa or chair. It is an ideal location to meet with friends, take group or band photos, and relax between events. This laid back, Keep Austin Weird attitude is a positive experience for all.

See below for examples of the types of work that will be shown.

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